Expert Tattoo Removal

When a tattoo that seemed like a great idea when you chose to get it becomes an unfortunate regret, it’s good to know that there is an option to remove it. Altoona Laser utilizes the PicoSure® laser as an effective, safe method of tattoo removal. For a consultation on how you can remove an unwanted tattoo, call or text
(814) 515-9092 Altoona Laser med spa for more information.

Picosure Gallery

Please look below for examples of what our Picosure laser can do for you!  We offer Expert Tattoo Removal, Skin Revitalization, Wrinkle Treatments, Facials, Acne Scar Treatment, and Birthmark Removal.  For a consultation or to schedule an appointment, call or text (814) 515-9092 today.