PicoSure Carbon Laser Peel Now Available In Altoona!

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Carbon Laser Peel

PicoSure Carbon Laser Peel Now Available!

It’s all the rage in Hollywood and now Altoona Laser Med Spa has brought it to beautiful Altoona! Why is the carbon peel desperately needed here? Because lighter skin (Types I-IV) lacks the necessary chromophore saturation needed for laser rejuvenation – basically, the laser has little to no color to focus on. But with the advent of the carbon peel, fairer skin types can significantly multiply the results of laser rejuvenation without ANY downtime! At Altoona Laser Med Spa we compound a proprietary activated carbon mixture that is applied to the face and allowed to dry, which provides an ideal laser target. Pure activated carbon particles absorb dirt, oil, dead cells, sebum and other unwanted contaminants, like leftover makeup, sunscreen & skincare products. Additionally, the carbon particles fill every crevice of the skin and attach to anything that’s causing clogging of the pores.

After the mixture is allowed to dry, it is targeted by the revolutionary picosecond pulse from the first and only PicoSure laser. As the laser’s energy instantaneously vaporizes the carbon-mask particles, the engulfed contaminants are also destroyed and removed. Additionally, a Powerful PressureWave forms within the pores as the carbon is vaporized, resulting in controlled dermal inflammation, which leads to the formation of new collagen and elastin. The resulting new tissues tighten skin and diminish pore size. Additionally, unwanted epidermal pigment is destroyed via the brilliant flash of the vaporization.

Performing A PicoSure Carbon Laser Peel Facial

The result is tighter, brighter skin that looks, feels and is completely refreshed. There’s virtually no pain so no numbing cream is required. The results are instantaneous and improve over the next 4-8 weeks as the skin undergoes rejuvenation.

Please call or text Altoona Laser Med Spa at (814) 515-9092 to schedule a no-cost skincare evaluation to see if PicoSure Carbon Laser Peel/Facial is right for you.