Stop Using Hydrogen Peroxide On Your Tattoo Removal Site!

PicoSure Blog


I get emails all the time about PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal.  

Sometimes they’re from providers and sometimes from patients.  I’ve had three in the last month where patients were experiencing an adverse reaction because they were treating their tattoo removal site with H2O2 (aka: hydrogen peroxide).

If you’re using H2O2 on your treatment site, please STOP immediately.  Hydrogen peroxide is so cytotoxic, meaning it KILLS skin cells, that it’s been considered for use as a chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells and tumors.

All you need following PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal treatment is OTC (over the counter) strength cortisone ointment.  The ointment acts as a skin barrier and protectant, while the cortisone calms the skin, which may reduce post-treatment inflammatory pigmentation issues.  On the rare occasion, usually due to poor post-treatment care by the patient, a topical infection does occur, clindamycin can clear it up quickly.  It’s extremely important for patients to follow their post-treatment instructions. And stay away from the H2O2.

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